Kelly Fredrickson

"I just got a year's worth of therapy in an hour."

- Rowena A.

"During her talk, we completed an exercise where we had to pair up with a stranger, form a list of qualities about someone we admire, and then tell their story to our assigned stranger.  You’re making us do work AND it’s going to be uncomfortable? BYE. Turns out it was exactly what I needed."


- Christian Jaekle 

I had the absolute pleasure of being a keynote speaker at the 3% Conference in NYC and it was a lifetime highlight.  5 years ago Kat Gordon started the 3% conference with a tweet.  Kat Gordon says she is “just one woman who was paying attention” and thank goodness she was, because what gets attended to is what gets fixed. Kat's efforts to focus attention on diversity and inclusion are paying off, the percentage of women creative directors in advertising has risen from 3% to 11%.  

Kelly Fredrickson shares her My Year of Whittling