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Kelly Fredrickson



My second heart-splosion stemmed  from Kelly Fredrickson

During her talk, we completed an exercise where we had to pair up with a stranger, form a list of qualities about someone we admire, and then tell their story to our assigned stranger.  You’re making us do work AND it’s going to be uncomfortable? BYE. Turns out it was exactly what I needed. 

One of the sessions called ‘My Year of Whittling’ featured Kelly Fredrickson, During her talk, she asked us to take a moment and think of someone we admire and list out the qualities that make us admire them. The first person to come to my mind was my mother. She’s the one who taught me to be as fierce as I am. To speak my mind and not let people intimidate me. She gave me the charisma I need to succeed in a business like advertising.

"In a Team, if Everybody Is Bringing Their Authentic Self, it Raises the Opportunity for Innovation.”
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