December 8, 2012


On average we will live approximately 27,365 days.  If you multiply average life span (75) by 365 days you get there.  Last Friday I turned 47.  I have lived for 17,155 days.  Yup.  10,122 days left.  Approximately.


As this thought sinks in I wonder about all the things I have done and all the things I want to do and what matters most about all of it.

I am making a list of what I want to do with my 10,000 days.


I want to share it so that I get some help in keeping my feet to the fire so that I can accomplish, experience and remember the list. To get started I looked at my past journal entries and found this on a recent page “start a blog about finding balance” – so I made this the first thing on my list.  I am starting the blog.  So, here’s the beginning of my list, it’s more about how I want to behave but it’s a start:

  1. Start a blog about finding balance.  Call it My10000days.  (check)

  2. Make time to play more.

  3. Remember that what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

  4. Know that everyone is doing the best they can.

  5. Take good care of yourself – when you do you can be more present for everyone, including you.

  6. Be grateful.

What will you do with your 10,000 days?  What’s on your list?

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