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An original goal of my10,000days was “make time to play more.” I am very task oriented and actually found myself writing out a list of things to do and including at or near the top: Number 1. Make time to Play today.

What a completely dorky thing to do… But, writing it down helped make it happen, I just started to make it a part of as many days as I could. And, as I worked to achieve my goal of playing more. I stumbled into what it might mean to have it all. And that having it all by this definition could be a key to my happiness.

Recently, and according to Troy, I have become a very proficient Lego builder. Fifteen minutes on the floor with him and he is set for the school day or the bedtime routine. It turns out that playing Lego’s with me or Dave, is “having it all” for Troy. Because? That’s. All. We. Are. Doing. We’re playing Lego’s. There’s 100% attention to the construction of whatever it is he’s decided we are building. Maybe having it all means saying “yes” to 15 minutes of Lego’s for that 15 minutes. And, really being present there on the floor and playing.

Recently Troy asked me what my favorite thing is – I could think of three favorites: sitting with Dave on the porch in Maine – watching Troy play a game of “Zombie-Tag” with all his buds; walking on the beach with Grandpa and Grandma; and having dinner when the whole family can be together.

He said. “My favorite thing is Ryan.” Ryan, his much older brother, had been the ultimate big brother to Troy on our vacation this past summer. He let him in on card games with the older kids. He promised to wake up early to take him fishing and then he did. Hearing that Troy’s favorite thing is Ryan, I realized that with Troy – having it all means that what he expected to happen is what actually happened. And that’s really enough for him. So, having it all could mean being there whether it’s on the floor of the kitchen with a pile of Lego’s or fishing as the sun comes up when your older brother woke you up when he said he would.

I used to think it was a lot of other things. And, I will admit there are days when I still do think that having it all is more than being there when I said I would. I will keep my daily list with “make time to play today” at or near the top. And, I’ve got many of my10000days to define what having it all can mean to me.

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