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I saw Madonna Badger speak last week. She was the opening keynote at the 3Percent Conference, addressing about 1000 women and some enlightened manbassadors and getting us ready for two inspiring days of learning, connection and growth. She was magnificent and brave. Her words are ringing in my head this morning as our country wakes up to news of our new president.

She urged us to “fight the fight with grace and hope and love.” The fight. I took that to mean, any adversity, tragedy, tough time you are facing. Like, for me, today. I took that to mean that it is important to show up for yourself and “fight” but to do it with as much grace and hope and love as you can drum up despite the circumstances.

The fight for me this morning is taking the next step forward despite the news of the outcome of the election. The fight is consoling my 10 year old who watched the debates with me and who went to bed before the results were in. The fight for me is November 9th, today, the day after – the day I have been worried about – how will the country come together after such a divisive year. With grace and hope and love.

I wanted a different outcome. I voted a different way.

But, one of my core values is I AM OPEN. I see this everyday when I read my list of core values on my bulletin board. I am open. I don’t make the mistake of the package deal. Wisdom gained from listening hard to Tal Ben Shahar. And, practicing harder. The package deal, meaning, there might be something I don’t like about you but it doesn’t mean I have to reject all of you. We are complicated beings.

I will remain open today as I walk out into the world, go to work, see my friends, my travel companions on the train. I know that at least 50% of the people I love, call friends and maybe share blood with voted for Trump. I will still love them. And, I will ask them to respond to me with grace and hope and love.

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