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5 years of Gratitude Jars

For the past 5 years, I have been making and sharing what I call Gratitude Jars with my family and friends. I have learned that having a daily practice of gratitude helps to raise or restore my well being. Even on the crappiest day, if I take the time to press pause on the auto-pilot button, I can find something to be grateful for and this helps me to shift my mindset to a better place. I recorded a video talking about it and am hoping that you will find it helpful. You can steal the idea and make your own jars OR you can help me build my audience - the first 10 people who subscribe to both my you-tube channel and my blog will get a jar and one of my new t-shirts! If you are already a subscriber to the blog and you would consider subscribing to my you-tube channel, I will send you a jar and t-shirt as well.

Here's a pic of the t-shirts and I am wearing one in the video! I am the solution for me. After practicing gratitude and whittling away all the stuff that doesn't matter, this is my headline: I am the solution for me.



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